David Patteson, Author


The Old Place

A graphic memoir of my grandmother’s recollections of growing up in southern Appalachia during the 1918/19 flu pandemic.

Crystal Swimming with her Sister

Previously Published by Zazu Comics

The Cult is available for purchase at Velocity Comics in Richmond, VA and the John Tyler Community College Library

You can also hear my interview with Erin Martin about the cult I was in at:

I-Tunes Podcast interview: Cult Talk with Erin Martin (episode 12 and 13).

Check out my latest graphic story that was published in the 2021 ZAZU-Comix Anthology


PS. Please write me a review on Barnes & Noble. Just a couple of sentences, good or bad. I want to know what you think. It also helps me sell more books.

Drop me a line or two. I’d love to hear from you.



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