The Old Place: My Grandmother’s recollections of growing up in southern Appalachia during the 1918/19 flu pandemic.

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Recently published by Zazu Comics:

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The Cult is available at: Velocity Comics in Richmond, VA

After the Cult is a recent release and is not yet available in local bookstores.

Both can be purchased online:


You can also hear the interview I gave with Erin Martin about the cult I escaped from:

I-Tunes Podcast interview: Cult Talk with Erin Martin (episode 12 and 13).

A little about me:

I write short stories, poetry, and graphic novels. I am currently finishing up my latest graphic novel, The Old Place, which will be released soon. Am also doing old man stuff: bird watching, tuneless humming, asking people to speak up.

Oh yeah, I also read a lot. Check out my Richmond Authors page on the menu link. There are a lot of “gems” in this river city!

Drop me a line or two. I’d love to hear from you: davidmarkpatteson@gmail.com